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      Reinventing the food chain
      Reinventing the food chain


    Ÿnsect is a French company created in 2011 and today a world leader in the breeding of insects and their transformation into premium ingredients for human, animal and plant nutrition. It is now part of the Next 40, a label promoted by the government for promising companies. Since its creation, Ÿnsect has raised more than $435million, recruited 130 employees, and since 2016 has been operating a vertical farm. Building on its success and growing global demand, Ÿnsect is building a second unit in Poulainville, Ÿnfarm, which will be the world's largest insect farm, with an aim of production of more than 100,000 tons per year, the biggest insect farm in the world, a project carbon footprint negative.

    The vertical farm

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    Key figures

    52% estimated increase of global protein consumption between 2007 and 2030
    40% of insects in wild trout's diet
    25% of the global fishing used for fish meal

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