Taking a little, giving back a lot

Our impact is sewn throughout our DNA, constructing the foundations our company was built upon. At Ÿnsect, we are dedicated to aligning the health of society with that of our ecosystems.


40x fewer CO2 emissions

Compared to cattle, the raising of our mealworms is kind to climate. Much less energy intensive, mealworm protein also avoids the methane emissions released by certain livestock.


40x less land

Thanks to their size and compatibility with vertical farming, our mealworm ingredients use 40x less land than cattle farming, preserving ecosystems and combating deforestation.


5 tons of fish saved per ton of Ÿnsect protein

For every ton of Ÿnsect protein used in fish feed, we save 5 tons of fish. Offering a nutritious alternative to fish meal, our products improve health while combating overfishing.


30x less water

One kilo of mealworm protein uses 30 times less water than one kilo of pork: the process itself is much less water intensive, and our mealworms consume less directly.

Food sovereignty

More local, more stable

Our scalable technology means that our vertical farms can be constructed anywhere, globally. Not only does this mean more control, stability, and transparency within our supply chains, but also upcycling of byproducts at a local level, promoting circularity.

Occupational change

Modernizing industry jobs

Our vertical farms are run by a new generation of specialized farmers. At the crossroads of agriculture and technology, we leverage cutting-edge machinery and automation technology that mitigates the physical burden associated with traditional practices, leading to a higher quality of life for people occupying agricultural professions.

Our commitments

Circular economy

We operate a minimal-waste process by upcycling our mealworms’ dejections into high-quality fertilizer. Used to fertilize the crops that feed our mealworms, we also upcycle food byproducts thanks to their inclusion in our insects’ feed, promoting circularity throughout our model.

Working with global partners

Collaboration brings about the most impact. Rather than operating in silos, we work with the actors around us to make sure we stay aligned with the planet’s priorities at a global level.


B Corp-certified

One of the world’s most demanding ethical certifications, we are a proud B Corp company since 2020. Closely calculating the impact of our initiatives from biodiversity protection and emission reduction to social policy and governance, the accreditation is reviewed every three years.


UN Global Compact

We joined the UN Global Compact in 2021, a voluntary leadership platform for the implementation and disclosure of responsible business practices. Membership requires alignment with ten principles that embody the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.



Parity Pact

Co-created with the Next40 startups, we joined the Parity Pact to transition towards a more equal startup ecosystem. Outlining many concrete commitments, the aim is to bring about tangible actions that advance equality between women and men in the French startup ecosystem.