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Sprÿng embodies the company's mission to revolutionise our food system, whether for humans or pets. It comes on the back of Ÿnsect’s recent announcement to reaffirm the pet food market as one of the pillars of its short-term development strategy.

Our high-protein, high-vitamin ingredients fulfil the nutritional needs of many pets, while remaining tasty, natural and sustainable. They can be used for a variety of applications, from dry/wet pet food to treats.

Our ingredients

According to a study by OnePoll, 83% of dog and cat owners in the USA would feed their pets insect-based ingredients.

Pets deserve the best

Conventional animal and plant proteins have long been the gold standard for feeding our pets. Today, we require varied feed sources that can reconcile nutritional quality and sustainability: rebalancing the environment, while also the nutritional landscape of our animals.

Quality nutrition through mealworms

The unique nutritional profile of our mealworm-based ingredients support the raising of healthy, happy pets, perfectly fulfilling the nutritional needs of many pets – while using 40x less land and emitting 40x fewer carbon emissions than traditional livestock.

Our products are as nutritionally beneficial as animal protein, and as sustainable as plants.

Our products are...


0 %
peptic digestibility


3- 0 %
of a wild cat’s diet consists
of insects


0 x
less land than cattle

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