AdalbaPro: The world’s first insect ingredient range

Our ingredients offer versatile options for sustainable nutrition without compromising on quality. With applications for meat replacement to protein fortification, AdalbaPro ingredients also represent a high high-quality source of healthy fats and fiber.

Our AdalbaPro ingredients

Powered by the mealworm

At Ÿnsect, we harness the powerful qualities of the mealworm. A nutritional powerhouse with a neutral taste, it combines health, functionality, and sustainability.

Why the mealworm?

This powerful insect is loaded with…


All 9 essential amino acids,
highly digestible

Vitamins and minerals

Including vitamin B12


Thanks to the presence of chitin

Omega 3, 6 & 9

While low in saturated fats

Research-backed health benefits

Our products' nutritional claims for people are scientifically-proven. Studies have shown that:

Maastricht University, 2021

Mealworm protein matches quality of the gold-standard milk protein

With the same effect in terms of muscle reproduction and bioavailability.

Justus-Liebig University, 2021

Our ingredients can reduce cholesterol up to 60%

and produce visibly less fat tissue than casein-based diets.

Mealworm ingredients are beneficial for the microbiome

Improving intestinal barrier function and reducing inflammation.

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