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Naturally part of their diets, chickens and pigs can greatly benefit from timely integration of mealworms into their diets, boosting health and wellbeing.

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According to research by OnePoll in the USA, UK, France and Netherlands, compared with fish and pigs, poultry is the most consumer-accepted insect-fed livestock.

Optimizing feeding methods

With the skyrocketing pace at which the poultry and swine markets are growing, it is imperative to find varied feed solutions that not only optimize growth, but also respect our planet’s boundaries – reconciling the wellbeing of our animals and planet.

Mealworms for healthier, happier animals

Since many birds consume insects in the wild – up to 50% for some birds such as turkeys – studies show that mealworms can boost nutrition and wellbeing when used as an enrichment treat. Studies also demonstrate significant health benefits.

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protein, including essential amino acids (except taurine)


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of the natural diet of some birds (such as turkeys) are insects


day cycle necessary for chickens to start exhibiting signs of health benefits

Research-backed health benefits:

The nutritional value of mealworms within the diets of chickens has been scientifically-proven. A research study appearing in Poultry Science in 2017 concluded that mealworms can, after just one week:

Decrease mortality among chickens, including limiting bouts of E.Coli and salmonella.

Work as an alternative to antibiotics in broiler diets, since health levels are naturally boosted.

Optimize and lower feed conversion ratio, bringing about more growth for the same nutrition.

Increase carcass and fillet yields for chickens receiving insect meal throughout their lives. After just seven days, average daily gain increased among chickens.

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