Healthy insect nutrition for people and planet

We need to eat more effectively, starting today. The demand for healthy, sustainable and alternative protein sources is rising. Our solution: insect-based nutrition.

Introducing AdalbaPro

The world's first food ingredient range derived from insects, our products offer cutting-edge solutions for the food industry that combine nutrition, sustainability, and enjoyment.

Our products...

Contain more protein than beef

One kilo of mealworm protein contains more protein than one kilo of beef

Match the quality of milk protein

In terms of bioavailability and muscle synthesis (Maastricht University, 2021)

Emit 40x less CO2 than beef

Achieving an emission level similar to plants


From our ingredients to network, learn more about our activity.


A healthy, sustainable ingredient range for a vast array of recipes


Equipping our clients with the know-how to create successful products


Our impact in the real world, across Europe and beyond

Why our products?

According to the FAO, one of the biggest things we can do on an individual level for our planet is to breed and consume less livestock. Naturally containing all 9 essential amino acids and essential minerals and vitamins present in meat, our mealworm-based ingredients not only constitute a high-quality protein, but also a superfood, with health benefits in terms of cholesterol, digestion, and more.

Nutrition-packed and research-backed, they boost health, create tasty recipes, all the while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Nutritious superfood

Our AdalbaPro ingredients are packed with high-quality, digestible protein, as well as essential vitamins and minerals, fiber and healthy fats. Studies have shown that our protein matches the quality of whey protein, the gold standard, and can reduce cholesterol up to 60%.


Our insect ingredients constitute a natural source of high-quality protein, neutral flavors and versatile textures, offering vast clean-label food development opportunities.

Sustainable for our planet

Our ingredients use 40x less land, emit 40x fewer CO2 emissions than beef, and use 30x less water than pork, representing a protein that’s better for both us and our planet.

Versatile applications

We believe in creating tasty, recognizable products powered by our AdalbaPro ingredients. Offering a range of ingredients with a neutral taste, our ingredients deliver endless exciting and innovative opportunities for food development.

What’s acceptance like?

People are increasingly opening up to insect-based food. According to OnePoll research in 2022 in the US, UK, France and the Netherlands:

0 %
of people who have eaten insects liked them or would try them again, indicating very high acceptance after first tasting

3 in 4

people would like to see insect ingredients incorporated in more products

0 %
of European athletes are ready to eat insect ingredients

Client opinion

“It is great to see a protein source that combines both excellent functionality with sustainability.”

Niels Lammersen

Founder of ROW Nutrition

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