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We know that fish nutrition requires precision. Our feed solutions respond to the specific nutritional demands of aquaculture, while combating overfishing and protecting our marine resources.

Our ingredients

According to PROteINSECT, over 70% of people are willing to eat fish, chicken, and pigs reared on an insect-based diet.

90% of fish stocks are (over)exploited

Nearly 90% of the world’s marine fish stocks are now fully exploited, overexploited or depleted (WRI). The current aquaculture model, which depends heavily on fish meal, is running out of steam to meet growing demand.

Therefore, the pressure is on to find sustainable, effective alternatives for fish feed. The future of our oceans, marine life, and fisheries depends on it.

Mealworms can alleviate pressure

Mealworm-based fish meal is a steadfast solution, producing premium-quality fish while meeting sustainability requirements.

Our ingredients are packed with highly digestible proteins, vitamins, minerals, and are part of the natural diet of many aquatic species.

Our products are...


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of a wild rainbow trout’s diet is made up of insects


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mortality among shrimps fed with our ingredients


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of fish saved per ton of Ynsect protein in fish feed

Research-backed health benefits

Our products' nutritional claims within aquaculture are scientifically-proven. Studies on salmon, trout and shrimp have shown that:

The greater proportion of mealworm in the diet, the greater the weight gain. When fish meal was completely replaced with insect meal, there was a mass increase of up to 34%.


Rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon raised on mealworm meal produce healthy lipid profiles, with the same high omega-3 content as those raised on fishmeal.


Shrimp fed on a diet of 50% mealworm meal showed a decrease in mortality of 77% compared with a control group fed regular shrimp feed.


Aquafeed containing insect meal appears to be highly palatable for salmon and trout, with no reduction in digestibility.

Expert opinion

“I sampled salmon fed a 50/50 mix of fishmeal and mealworm [Ynmeal] , 100% mealworm and 100% fishmeal […] 100% mealworm had the cleanest flavor. I look forward to using it in my restaurant”

Christopher Haaatuft

Chef and owner, Lysverket, Norway

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