regenerative agriculture

Choosing between performance and sustainability is no longer necessary. 100% natural, our fertilizer made from mealworm dejections is as effective as NPK fertilizers, and as kind to the planet as traditional fertilizers.

Our fertilizer, Ÿnfrass…

Increases yield of
certain crops

up to 20%, including among grapevines, wheat, and corn

Improves biological properties of soil

as well as microbial activity, boosting overall health

Boosts flowering and drought resistance

notably within ornamental plants

Why our fertilizer?

Ÿnfrass holds a rare and unique position: while organic and thus boasting a myriad of benefits for our ecosystems, our fertilizer is also highly effective. Combining the best of both worlds, our fertilizer is good for the planet, plants, and soil.


With the same level of of N, P and K as poultry manure and a rapid mineralization of one week, studies have shown that plants fertilized with our product show equivalent yield and quality as plants fertilized with NPK fertilizers.



Ÿnfrass improves the biological properties while boosting microbial activity. Not only can our fertilizer increase the organic carbon content of soil, it can also greatly increase its ability to sequester it.


Ÿnfrass can help alleviate pressure on traditional imported fertilizer supply. In light of the recent crises and skyrocketing prices, our fertilizer constitutes a consistent, local, dependable source.

Part of the circular economy

We upcycle our waste, converting mealworms dejections into a high-grade fertilizer. It is used on crops such as wheat or corn, co-products of which are used to feed our mealworms. In this way, we operate a circular economy.

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