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From aquaculture and pets to poultry and swine, we offer high-quality, high-performing feed solutions that respect our planet thanks to our very unique brand: Sprÿng


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high-quality performance


Enhanced nutrition rooted 

in nature

Poultry & Swine

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Why our products?

Natural and nutritious, insects are packed full of the high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals that many animals need to thrive. While using minimal land, resources, and emitting relatively few carbon emissions, our mealworm ingredients are a premium natural animal protein that perfectly fulfill the nutritional needs of many species.


Our ingredients are highly digestible, protein-packed (72%), and contain all essential amino acids. With many scientifically-proven benefits, insect-based animal feed can improve health, growth and wellbeing among several species.


Insects are part of the natural diets of many wild animals. When animals eat what they have evolved to, health, nutrition, and wellbeing are all positively impacted.


Compared with traditional feed sources, our products require a fraction of the land, resources, and energy, emitting fewer CO2 emissions. Our ingredients fight climate change and biodiversity destruction at their core.