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We’re enablers, not just suppliers. Our mission is to equip our clients with the expertise and network to create insight-led, insect-based products that nourish, please, and excite.

Perhaps you have a product, but you need a manufacturer; or you’ve found a producer, but you’re looking for recipe advice. At Ynsect, we’re here to help you lay the necessary foundations, from product development to manufacturing, to deliver your vision to the shelves of the real world.

Why the partnering?

Our goal is simple: to bring as many tasty food products, including AdalbaPro’s high-quality, sustainable insect ingredients, to market.

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Introducing BETAPRO

An incubator of sorts, BETAPRO provides the inspiration, insights, and network you need to launch your product; brought to you by the best R&D, product, marketing, and manufacturing experts in the business.

What does BETAPRO offer?


Straight from our kitchen, our partners can observe, test and try our tasty insect-based product range, developed by our expert BETAPRO partner network. From falafels to protein shakes, our showcase products turn the abstract into reality.

Get inspired

Inspiration is important, but so are the technicalities. That’s why we provide you with the specific tips, tricks and secrets of our BETAPRO showcase range so that you can imitate, recreate, and modify as you need.


Our European insect-industry network is at your disposal. From insect-based sausages to cookies, we can connect you with the right manufacturer or product developer that will help you on the road to success.

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