#Ynsecter – Qi Li, Research Phenotyping. & Genetic Diversity Officer


At Ÿnsect, we have many insect enthusiasts. And Qi is one of them. Although he imagined himself as a veterinarian when he was a child, today his daily life is not so far from it. After completing a bachelor’s degree in biology, and a master’s degree in ecology specializing in physiology and toxicology, Qi first became fascinated by the termite world, before joining the IRD to gain a better understanding of breeding biology. In 2019, he joined Ÿnsect, leaving the termite world for good to join the mealworm one.

Since his arrival, Qi has held several R&D positions. He first worked as a Research Assistant in R&D before joining the young genetics team at the launch of our Ÿnfabre project, aimed at developing high-performance, resilient insects to feed our farms. Today, Qi is a Project Manager specializing in phenotyping and managing the genetic diversity of the Tenebrio molitor. On a daily basis, he can often be found in the labs, collecting data, or in his office, analyzing it to keep track of our breeding progress.

Although he’s already one of the old hands, Qi doesn’t see the time passing: through hard work and perseverance, he’s able to successfully develop our selection processes and thus participate in Ÿnsect’s growth. For this purpose, in his opinion, it is more than necessary to be meticulous, supportive and persevering. All qualities that make him one of Ÿnsect’s true talents!