#Ynsecter – Caroline De Sousa, Pet Food Sales Manager


What’s the last straw for a pet food sales manager? Being afraid of dogs! Caroline’s career journey is unique in this paradox. After graduating from business school, she began her career in supermarket distribution, before stumbling upon the world of pet food by chance. Nicknamed “Madame Croquette” by her friends and family, she had to overcome her fear by attending dog shows and meeting breeders for several years. She was even tenacious enough to learn up to 120 breeds of dog as part of her job! It’s this same determination that led her to join Ÿnsect in 2022, to develop the group’s pet food customer portfolio.

When asked why she joined Ÿnsect, she was quick to answer: because she wanted to feel proud of herself every morning. Today, Caroline is Pet Food Sales Manager Europe. Driven by the vision and ambition of the project, she works daily to develop our relationships with food manufacturers to convince them to integrate our mealworm-based ingredients into their recipes.

Caroline compares herself to a stick insect: just like it, it’s essential to be adaptable, patient and optimistic! Constantly cheerful and all smiles, Caroline spreads good cheer wherever she goes: indeed, she’d convince even the most reluctant to try her hand at insects.