#Ynsecter – Ludivine Poiret, Administrative Assistant


If you have the opportunity to visit our farm in Amiens, no doubt you’ll come across Ludivine. At 42, Ludivine joined Ynsect in February 2023, inspired by the position on offer and the company’s project. After completing a literary degree and a BTS in Trilingual Executive Assistant, Ludivine began her career at the Chamber of Commerce, where she worked for almost 18 years in the international department. There, she helped companies expand internationally. After these many years, she worked for a time in the banking sector, before moving into the cultural field as an administrative assistant, before joining Ynsect.

Ludivine’s studies in three languages (English, German and Spanish), her taste for organizing tours and their logistical aspects, and her attraction for exchanges with people from different horizons have all helped her to distinguish herself throughout her career. All these qualities make her an exceptional administrative assistant! In fact, Ludivine already knew a thing or two about breeding, having bred homing pigeons herself for several years, one of which was crowned champion of France.

At Ynsect, Ludivine is in charge of welcoming visitors, organizing tours and the equipment required for them, as well as all site event logistics and administration. Her days are often divided into two parts: firstly, the preparation of tours and everything to do with them, and then the administrative aspect and projects. In her opinion, autonomy, rigor and organization are the key qualities for this job. And for Ludivine, the most important thing is to make everyone who walks through the door of Amiens feel good!