#Ynsecter – Emilien Bohuon, Plant & Soil Engineer


Emilien is certainly one of our Ÿnsecters full of surprises. You wouldn’t know it from passing him in the halls that he’s just been promoted to Knight of the 7 Majors, meaning he’s climbed all 7 Alpine passes on his bike in less than 24 hours! A cycling enthusiast with a passion for challenges, it was precisely because of the ambitious challenges and environmental values that he joined us in March 2020. Emilien is an agricultural engineer who completed a double degree at the end of which he joined Total for a 6-month internship where he conducted research on soil carbon capture in the United Arab Emirates. Very sensitive to environmental issues and determined to take part in the fight against global warming, Emilien’s initial plan was to join a large company and change it from the inside. However, it was to Ÿnsect that Emilien decided to turn after graduating.

Emilien was introduced to Ÿnsect by two farmers as part of a school project. They were looking for help to diversify their business. While looking for ideas around insects, Emilien discovered the group, and two years later, still intrigued, he decided to apply for a job. Today, he’s our Plant and Soil Engineer, and works passionately to uncover the many secrets our insect still holds in store for us. According to him, rigor and perseverance are key to uncovering all the possibilities linked to our mealworm.

On a day-to-day basis, Emilien is in charge of developing products that can be used on plants and soils. This involves understanding how plants and soil react when insect-based products are added to them. His days alternate between testing, data analysis, customer relations and so on. However, Emilien still finds time to indulge his passion: road biking.