#Ynsecter – Eliaou Sellem, Head of Genetic R&D


Passing Eliaou, or rather Eli, down the corridor, it’s hard to guess that for over 20 years he’s been on a mission to improve the libido of adult male bulls. And yet, he has! After completing a Biotech degree, an Engineering diploma and a PhD, Eli joined Allice, a national federation of cooperatives, for whom he carried out many years of research aimed at boosting bull fertility. Whilst carrying out this project, he discovered Ÿnsect, which he contacted as part of his research. Enthralled by the company and its mission, he thought about it for no less than twelve years before applying for an offer and joining us in February 2022.

Today, Eli is Head of Genetic R&D. In short, he identifies the super-moms and super-dads who will be able to conceive super-children. A true pioneer in insect genetics, it’s thanks to him, his team and the partners in the ŸnFABRE project that Ÿnsect launched the world’s first phenotyping chip for insect breeding in June 2022. In fact, this is the project of which Eli is proudest to date. And to achieve it, there’s no doubt that the most important value is solidarity! In research, helping each other is more important than anything else.

In his daily life, Eli is a true optimist. He’s determined to clear the path of our insect’s genetics, and works passionately to achieve the best results. From data analysis to exchanges with our partners to the resolution of identified problems, he switches back and forth between field and office, between research and observation. In his own words: curiosity, persistence and honesty are the key to continuing our pioneering work!