#Ynsecter – Louis Catteau, Shift Manager


Louis is one of those at Ynsect who made a complete U-turn to join the company. After graduating from UniLasalle with a degree in agricultural engineering, he joined a major meat group, where he was in charge of a production workshop. After a year, he decided to leave the meat industry to join the insect one, convinced of the potential of insects to feed the planet. For him, Ynsect is all about the future, eco-responsibility and technology, all subjects close to his heart.

On a daily basis, Louis is our Shift Manager. His goal? To optimize the growth of our breeding operation. He’s one of the hard-working bees behind the opening of our farm in Amiens. For him, Ynsect is a real challenge, both personally and professionally: it’s not every day you get to help create the world of tomorrow! Besides, his favorite part of his day-to-day work is discovering new things about the insects he cares so carefully for.

As a Shift Manager, his days are punctuated by exchanges with other departments. So it’s no surprise that, in his opinion, the key words for being a good team leader are teamwork, autonomy and rigor. In fact, if he had to be an insect, he’d be an ant, since he believes that only together can we overcome anything.