#Ynsecter- Bénédicte Monnoyer, Startup Engineer


Bénédicte has been passionate about cars since she was a child, and knew from an early age that she wanted to be an engineer. During her studies, she entered ICAM, a training program focused on the human aspect of the profession, and discovered the job of Industrial Methods Engineer during her internships. She began her career at Valéo, in the Transmissions division, before quickly moving on to become a production supervisor. In 2020, Ynsect began work in Amiens, and Bénédicte soon heard about this huge project just a few yards from her home. Intrigued, she made a few enquiries and, excited by the project, decided to join the adventure.

At Ynsect, Bénédicte is a start-up engineer. Her daily routine varies between preparing tests, partly on the computer, and carrying them out in the field. Every day, she roams the farm to help with the start-up: setting up machines, supervising tests, analyzing results, Bénédicte is involved at all levels. Her aim? To ensure that the farm gets off to a good start and that it performs as well as possible. If the site is fondly nicknamed the “fermilière”, it’s no coincidence that Bénédicte chooses the ant as her insect of choice. For her, teamwork is essential to the success of this titanic mission.

On a daily basis, she praises the importance of organization and sociability. To make such an important project a success, it’s essential to work hand in hand at all levels. It’s precisely the myriad exchanges with all departments that she appreciates most in her work. For her, authenticity and adaptability are the company’s key values: only together can we overcome all challenges and exceed our objectives!