#Ynsecter – Olivier Poidevin, Supplier


If he had to be an insect, he’d be an ant, since ants work in colonies and can only thrive thanks to the group’s support. Interpersonal skills are one of the most important qualities in Olivier’s day-to-day work. He has long worked in operational positions: having completed a logistics training course, he first worked as a knacker, then gradually developed an interest in procurement and purchasing, eventually becoming customer operations manager in a Hauts-de-France company. He joined Ynsect in August 2022, driven by the desire to join an innovative and challenging project. Today, he is Supply Manager at the Amiens site.

His role is to supply and store all the raw materials used to feed the insects, so that they can grow properly. His job is crucial: without him, there’d be no raw materials arriving on site! And with the start-up of a new site comes the unexpected. Olivier is armed for all eventualities. Among the company’s values, he has no hesitation in choosing adaptability: things don’t always go to plan, so you always have to be able to bounce back and find solutions.

This outdoor and mountain sports enthusiast doesn’t let the challenges he encounters get him down. Quite the opposite, anticipation and reactivity are two qualities that make Olivier a genuine hands-on man and a support to all his colleagues.