Ÿnsect launches its first product in the US with partner pure simple true LLC


Ÿnsect, B Corp-certified world leader in the natural production of insect protein, enters the US market by supplying high value-added protein to Pure Simple True LLC, selling ultra-premium and luxury food for dogs under Bernie’s brand.

New York, November 9, 2021 – Ÿnsect’s high-value and sustainable protein, a core ingredient for up-and-coming dog treat brand, Bernie’s, is entering the US market. The ultra-premium and luxury food brand for dogs was launched in September 2021 by Pure Simple True LLC, a dog Food start-up based in Seattle, WA.


This partnership is an important step for the industry and paves the way for a healthier, more natural, and environmentally friendly diet for our pet friends. Insect-based pet food has more than 50% acceptance among US pet owners according to Emerton Market research. Moreover, this study have shown that mealworm specifically has the best acceptance among cat and dog owners in the US compared with other insect species.

A Significant Step Toward the US for Ÿnsect

With the world’s largest vertical insect farm in France, and a new farm to follow in the US, Ÿnsect transforms Molitor and Buffalo mealworms into premium, high-value, sustainable ingredients to feed animals, fish, plants, and humans. Having raised around $425 million USD from recognized investment funds, banks, and public institutions, Ÿnsect exports its products worldwide. The collaboration with Pure Simple True LLC to add Molitor larvae protein into Bernie’s soft treat Tender Medallions is a significant step towards further Ÿnsect development in the United States. “We are very pleased to launch with Bernie’s our first insect-based product in the USA. Insects are not only a sustainable solution to feed the world, but also a high-value ingredient for pet health. Independent studies have shown that mealworm protein is highly digestible (with an 86% peptic digestibility), hypoallergenic and can even decrease skin diseases. This collaboration is another important step in Ynsect-US strategy.” Added Antoine Hubert, CEO of Ynsect.

Pure Simple True LLC Ultra-Premium Brand for Dogs

Pure Simple True LLC, founded in 2020, announced the launch of the Bernie’s brand on the booming Direct To-Consumer channel on September 3, 2021. Its products are formulated with human-grade whole superfoods, such as Wild Alaska Pollock, locally sourced grass-fed beef liver, MSC-certified cod liver and worm mill larvae protein. The result is a portfolio of ultra-premium, sustainable foods for dogs, packaged in recycled glass jars and bottles.


The Dog Food e-commerce start-up opted for a vertical model. They own and control their production and supply chains, which is not yet the norm in the Pet Food e-commerce channel. The company balances growth with sustainable scalability, integrating operations from the beginning. The new operations platform, called Bernie’s Cookhouse, is based in the Seattle industrial district. It is equipped with retorting capabilities for complete wet pet food production, as well as a fulfilment center. The location also allows Bernie’s to access very high quality, unprocessed raw seafood materials, which are key to the brand. The brand has not yet raised any venture capital and is not aimed at growing at a loss for the sake of being bigger and faster. Their goal is to play the long game and moving partially offline is part of the plan. The brick-and-mortar retail industry still offers a potential for sustainable growth and Bernie’s brand is an excellent match for small and mid-size pet food stores, providing a clear element of differentiation and answering some unmet market expectations…


“Pet parents are increasingly expecting highly nutritious and sustainable products for their companion animals. At Pure Simple True, LLC we are thrilled to share with Ynsect a commitment to bring to consumers these high-end products. The launch of Tender Medallions is the result of a partnership lead by a common vision of the food system, and a shared vision of a more sustainable nutrition.” Added Jean-François Herve, CEO of Pure Simple True.


The Unique Nutritional Offer of Ÿnsect Ingredients

Ÿnsect produces a wide range of ingredients for dry and wet treat and petfood applications. Fully traceable, Ÿnsect’s products are composed of pet food-grade ingredients and are 100% antibiotic-free. The ingredient contained in Bernie’s dog treat is a super-premium protein, benefiting dogs’ health and wellness. Made of 72% protein and 4% ash, it is naturally rich in peptides and has a low molecular weight. The ingredient is proven to be hypoallergenic and to help reduce skin lesions and food intolerances in dogs. It also displays exceptional digestibility qualities and has the best amino acid score among insect species. The protein comes with some freshness perks: low Total Volatile Nitrogen and biogenic amines. Using Ÿnsect’s ingredient instead of other types of protein for pet food is sustainable, as insect production use 98% less land and 45% fewer resources than traditional livestock farming. Furthermore, Ÿnsect is dedicated to paving the way for sustainable manufacturing. The company utilizes a circular economy model through its new vertical farms, which are carbon-negative across the entire value chain and has committed to planting 1.8 million trees between now and 2040.



About Pure Simple True, LLC


Founded by Food engineer and entrepreneur, Jean-Francois Herve, Pure Simple True, LLC provides sustainable and science-based nutrition through a holistic approach, utilizing whole food as a base for formulation. Pure Simple True is a pioneer in functional food for dogs. Pure simple Pure, LLC products are made in its own facility located in SoDo district, Seattle, WA




About Ÿnsect


Ÿnsect is the world leader in natural insect protein and fertilizer production. Founded in 2011 in Paris, France by scientists and environmental activists, the Next40 company and certified B Corp, transforms insects into premium, high-value ingredients for pets, fish, plants, and human beings. From its purpose-built state of the art farms, Ÿnsect offers an organic, long-term sustainable solution to accelerating consumption of protein and plants. Ÿnsect uses pioneering proprietary technology protected globally by 300 patents in 30 categories to produce Molitor and Buffalo mealworms in carbon negative vertical farms, which sequester and avoid more CO2 than they emit. Ÿnsect operates two production sites, one in Dole, France (since 2016), one in the Netherlands (since 2017), and is currently constructing a third site, the largest vertical farm in the world in Amiens, France. The company, which employs 200 people, has raised c. $425 million from leading global investment funds, banks, and public institutions and exports its products worldwide.






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Bernie’s – Jean-Francois Herve, CEO, jfherve@birdstonetech.com