EU authorities’ move to set up standards for insect frass hailed as a major step forward for the European insect sector


Paris, May 26th, 2021 – On May 25th, Member States’ delegates in the EU Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed have backed a draft Commission Implementing Regulation, aiming at setting EU baseline standards for the valorization of insect frass as fertilizer, as part of the EU legislation on animal byproducts.


Similar to compost or other types of animal manure, frass contains relevant nutrients and micronutrients, as well as chitin, which could stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in soil. These properties make frass a valuable solution for farmers active in crop production across the EU, who will now be able to incorporate insect frass as part of their fertilization strategies.


Building on the latest technical knowledge, the proposed Regulation aims at establishing a level playing field in the EU, putting forward uniform EU rules that guarantee the safe application of insect frass as fertilizing product in agriculture.


“This agreement constitutes a major progress for our sector – as these harmonized standards will ensure that most of the nutritional properties of frass, with relevance for soil and plant health, are preserved”, stated Antoine Hubert, Ÿnsect’s CEO and President of IPIFF. “Insect producers are committed to collaborating with local authorities and will ensure that these requirements can be realistically implemented on the ground”, added Mr. Hubert.