Who are we ?

Ynsect is a private company, established in 2011..
Our mission is to design, build and operate industrial facilities called insect biorefineries. We aim to bring the potential of insect products and services to a wide range of industries.
The first generation of our biorefineries creates high value products for animal feed, especially for aquaculture.

Our achievements

Ynsect laureate of Worldwide Innovation Challenge
The Worldwide Innovation Challenge, organized by the Commission Innovation 2030, has been awarded to Ynsect. The goal of the challenge is to foster talent and bring out future champions of the French economy. Learn more about our achievements

Our projects

Working in partnership with several French research centers, Ynsect is leading a project called “Desirable” which will thoroughly explore how to effectively rear and process insects, and to develop sustainable applications for fish and poultry feed.
Learn more about the Project “Desirable”.