#Ynsecter – Getting to know Bastien Laurent, Startup Engineer


If he had to explain his job to a child, Bastien would say he makes sure our new tech projects are assembled properly, so that they work when it’s time to launch. This Startup Engineer definitely holds the key to the success of the largest vertical farm in the world, a project he has been involved in since May 2022. 26 years old, Bastien has already worked in many food companies. It was during his engineering studies at ISARA in Lyon that he first learned about the industry through internships in dairy, chocolate and cheese factories. Although he enjoyed it, Bastien decided to move to the pharmaceutical industry, working for a factory in Ireland. After a year overseas, he returned to France and joined a consulting firm in the fine chemicals market. As he gained confidence in his new position, several of his colleagues announced their departure to join a new project: an insect farm. Curious, Bastien did some research and decided to apply to join the Ÿnsect adventure too.

Now a Startup Engineer, Bastien’s mission is to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment and is in charge of starting up part of the farm. On a daily basis, he checks the equipment, writes protocols, and runs tests. It is this all-encompassing position that he appreciates most in his work: meeting and exchanging with different people, combining field operations with office time, but above all, participating in a large-scale project that he describes as innovative and ambitious.

According to Bastien, joining Ÿnsect meant working on an industrial revolution before a food project. And to lead this revolution, perseverance, adaptability and team spirit are essential. He believes you have to stick together to overcome daily obstacles and lead the project to victory. Bastien is the kind of person that would follow Ÿnsect adventure around the world, as the group develops. He dreamed of exploring new terrains, and Ÿnsect was the adventure he was looking for.