#Ynsecter – Getting to know Guillaume Bezelga, Energy Efficiency Technician


Guillaume doesn’t only deal with energy in his job; he also has a lot to burn off within him! Highly sensitive to environmental issues, he decided very early on to take an interest in energy and how to optimize it to avoid overconsumption. Fascinated by these issues, he applied to the French Navy to join a training course that they offer. But after five months, he decided to go back to his first passion, embarking on a BTS to become an exploitation technician. After graduating, he joined Engie in Amiens as an industrial maintenance technician. It was there that he heard about Ÿnsect, located only a few hundred meters from his work. Fascinated by the challenge and novelty of this adventure, he decided to apply.

Since February 2022, Guillaume is our energy efficiency technician in Amiens. He actively participated in the construction of the site and the installation of all the utilities. For Guillaume, in order to save energy, you have to be curious, invested, and ask yourself the right questions. His day-to-day is divided between the office to track the machines, and the factory to follow the progress of the installations and start-ups. What Guillaume appreciates most in his job is the contact with different teams and involvement in a variety of topics, but above all helping to build a new industry from scratch.

By joining Ÿnsect, Guillaume found more than just a job: he also found his place. Having faced a divided team in the past, he discovered the kind work environment he was looking for. When asked what value speaks to him the most among those of the group, he doesn’t hesitate a second: “authenticity”, he says. Being able to be yourself at work seems to be a given, yet it is often far from the case. The lucky charm of his childhood, he is like a ladybug taking flight, determined to reach his destination.