#Ynsecter – Get To Know Ludivine Fourny, Human Resources Manager


What does a hairdresser, a judge, a beautician and a teacher have in common? They are all concerned with the wellbeing of those who ask for their help. That’s why as a child, Ludivine wanted to do each of these jobs. As she grew up, she chose to focus on Human Resources and went on to complete a DUT, followed by a Master’s degree in staff administration and employment management. During her Master’s degree, she completed an insightful internship, which determined the beginning of her career, being offered a contract as Human Resources Manager. She was then headhunted to contribute to the creation of a Fleury Michon site, an experience she very much enjoyed in view of the diversity of the missions. Ludivine discovered Ÿnsect after a recruitment agency contacted her to join a site and team that were under construction. Excited at the prospect of once again being involved in the creation of a site, Ludivine accepted to join the group in 2021.

Today, Ludivine is to Ÿnsect what darkness is to our mealworms: essential! Since her arrival as Human Resources and Industrial Relations Manager, Ludivine has been fully involved in the recruitment of the Amiens teams and the creation of this site. Every day, she recruits, participates in the creation of training modules, assists and negotiates new agreements, ensures compliance with the labor code, and ensures the wellbeing of the teams on site. In short, she is actively involved in making the Amiens site a success. She is also behind the creation of our Chrysalis trade school, a mandatory training module for all new arrivals. Multi-tasking and full of ideas, it is not surprising that among the values of the group, Ludivine identifies most with tenacity: by being tenacious, we overcome all obstacles!

Helpful and fair in all circumstances, Ludivine appreciates being useful to her colleagues, to aid them in their daily lives. It is this human and unpredictable aspect of her work that she likes most. This is why she thinks that discipline, cheerfulness and team spirit are essential to do her job. There’s no doubt that Ludivine is the HR contact we would all like to have in case of a problem!