Ÿnsect and Corporativo Kosmos Partner To Develop Insect Farm In Mexico


Corporativo Kosmos and Ÿnsect will work exclusively on an exciting new insect vertical farm in Mexico. Under their Joint Development Agreement (JDA) recently signed, Ÿnsect, the world leader in insect production, and Corporativo Kosmos (leading food service business in Mexico), agree to exclusively partner with each other and develop an insect farm jointly in Mexico.

An exclusive JDA between key players in the food industry

In the context of its international development, Ÿnsect intends to establish and operate an insect farm in Mexico. Mexico is the leading country in terms of consumption of insects and insect-based proteins. Furthermore, the insect farm would offer proximity to the United States, by far the largest future market for insect protein.

In November 2022, Antoine Hubert, CEO of Ÿnsect, and Jack Landsmanas, CEO of Corporativo Kosmos signed an exclusive JDA to begin developing this insect farm in Mexico. This agreement marks the continuation of a two-year-long collaboration between two key players within the global food industry: Ÿnsect, the world leader in insect production, and Corporativo Kosmos, leader in providing comprehensive food and food facilities services in Mexico.

Each partner brings unique capabilities to the joint development. Corporativo Kosmos has extensive experience in sourcing and securing feedstock for its massive food business, in construction and logistics, and key knowledge at doing business in Mexico.

Ÿnsect brings to the partnership its world-leading insect protein technology, wide patents, R&D, and customer relationships in North America.

Antoine Hubert, CEO and co-founder of Ÿnsect, says: “We are excited to join forces with Corporativo Kosmos, we know their feed will give substance to our projects and their real estate expertise will accelerate our plans and development. We aim to reinvent the global food system with a focus on sustainability. This is why we choose to establish ourselves locally on all continents, to limit our CO2 emissions across our farming activities.”

Jack Landsmanas, CEO of Corporativo Kosmos: “We are very pleased to be actively continuing our collaboration with Ÿnsect, a company that has developed unique expertise in insect production. We are excited about the development of an insect farm site in Mexico and we believe that the combination of both our capabilities, will result in a stronger product mix and a successful partnership.’’

About Ynsect

Ÿnsect is the world leader in the production of insect protein and natural insect fertilizers. Founded in 2011 in Paris, France, by both scientists and environmental activists, Next40 and B Corp-certified, the company processes insects into high-end, high-value ingredients to feed the entire food chain: plants, farmed animals, pets and humans. From its purpose-built state-of-the-art farms, Ÿnsect offers a long-term, sustainable, healthy solution to accelerate protein and plant consumption. Ÿnsect uses disruptive technology protected by more than 350 patents, to raise its Buffalo and Molitor mealworms in highly-automated vertical farms, creating value chains fully aligned with the Paris COP21 Agreement +1.5°C scenario and with the EU Fit for 55 target. Ÿnsect runs three production sites, one in Dole, France (commissioned in 2016), one in the Netherlands (2017) and a hatchery in Omaha, Nebraska, and is currently commissioning a fourth site, the world’s largest vertical farm, in Amiens, France. The company, which employs 360 people, has raised around $450 million from major investment funds, banks and public entities and exports its products around the world. www.ynsect.com

About Corporativo Kosmos

Corporativo Kosmos is a Mexican group with more than 55 years of experience; with strong participation in the food and food facilities services, real estate, construction and health care industries.

Regarding its food division, Corporativo Kosmos is vertically integrated and their central facilities are governed under the strictest inherent and current international certifications which guarantee quality assurance. Their financial and supply chain capabilities make them one of the leaders in the Mexican food service industry. Altogether, Corporativo Kosmos, in its food division, has a presence in almost all Mexican states, with more than 9000 employees, providing service in over 500 lunchrooms, producing over 20,000 box lunches and distributing more than 800 tons of food daily, which add up to more than 3,000,000 meals a day.

Through the trust of their customers, Corporativo Kosmos has achieved the satisfaction of their consumers with an accelerated growth, always being at the cutting-edge in terms of technology, infrastructure and innovation; guaranteeing the quality of their services and always conscious of the well-being of their people and the community, creating a solid platform for its continued growth. www.ck.com.mx

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