#Ynsecter – Valentin Partula, Regulatory Affairs Manager


The saying maxim “Dura lex, sed lex” (“the law is hard, but it’s the law”), written by the great Roman jurisconsult Domitius Ulpanius, sums up perfectly the work of Valentin, Regulatory Affairs Manager at Ynsect. For the past six months, he has ensured that regulations are identified and complied with internally. He assists Marketing, R&D and Quality by checking that everything we produce and sell complies with the regulations applicable to our products. Day to day, his work involves answering questions from his colleagues and reading legal texts in search of answers. In other words, Valentin is our internal Sherlock Holmes: behind his tortoiseshell glasses, his eyes scan lines upon lines in search of elements that could answer the questions of our clients and collaborators.


Valentin always wanted to work in Regulatory Affairs. Originally from French Réunion Island, he came to mainland France, starting his education in life sciences  before joining  AgroParisTech. As a young food science and nutrition engineer, he worked for Nestlé developing new products before embarking on a PhD in public health nutrition. The latter in the bag, he returned to Nestlé in the Regulatory Affairs department. Two and a half years later, Valentin decided to join Ynsect, in order to participate in the clearing of the thorny legal path in a still young industry.


Underneath his serious exterior, however, lies a dance and opera enthusiast who goes to theaters whenever he can. An explorer in his daily work as well as in life, Valentin loves to learn new things. Reports, books, podcasts, exhibitions, from Marie-Antoinette to the Avengers and from Chopin to Aya Nakamura, Valentin is interested and passionate about everything. According to him, curiosity is one of the most important qualities in his job: you have to be willing to learn, answer questions on various topics, and read more and more. In short, Valentin is the perfect combination of a little bookworm and an opera worm.