#Ÿnsecter – Portait of Jérémy Rivaillon, Head of Treasury


Get to know Jérémy, the one who knows all the treasury’s secrets

Joining Ÿnsect eight months ago, at the time, Jérémy was worried about the world he would leave to his two young children and wished to work for a company with strong social innovations and a clean footprint. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Math and Economics, he joined a preparatory class before joining Neoma in Rouen. While he was a student, Jérémy took a gap year that allowed him to complete two internships, one of which led to a job at KPMG. For seven years, Jérémy carried out financial audits for clients, mostly for the metallurgical and automotive industries. Afterwards, he worked for an automotive subcontractor in Management Control and then took an opportunity to become Assistant Treasurer in the same company. However, the company was bought out and the nature of his role changed. He then decided to leave the automotive industry to join Webedia, as the company’s treasurer. But the Covid 19 crisis led him to reconsider: “we were in lockdown for three months, and it led me to ask a lot of questions. I had also become a father in 2019, and I really wondered what kind of world I was going to leave him. This was what led me to apply when I saw Ÿnsect’s job offer.”

For Jérémy, Ÿnsect is above all an adventure focused on people “before being an industrial project, it is first and foremost a human-centered company, which responds to a very prevalent social problem“. He also highlights the company’s unique mission:”I didn’t think I would have the opportunity to work for a project of this magnitude, where we build something together from scratch“. All of this convinced him to seize the opportunity with both hands and join the Ÿnsecters. Today, Jérémy holds the position of Head of Treasury. On a daily basis, he is in contact with banks, investors, partners, but also the Ÿnsecters themselves: “My role is to understand their projects and desires, and find solutions to help them achieve their goals“. In order to carry out these missions, he says it is essential to “be very rigorous since you are handling numbers. It is also essential to be a good listener and to enjoy building relationships, because to understand the needs of each person, you have to talk to them. But you also have to know how to stand your ground: with external stakeholders, you have to know how to say no and negotiate in order to obtain what is most interesting for us“.

Solidarity is therefore unsurprisingly the value that Jérémy identifies the most with: “what I like is that even though everyone works on their own projects, in the end, we are all working towards the same goals, whether directly or indirectly!“, He also shines a light on authenticity: “it is very important to work towards the same goals, but you also have to know how to stay true to your own convictions and bring your unique perspective to the team. In my opinion, that’s how we progress and move forward together“.