#Ÿnsecter – Emilien Bohuon, Plant and Soil Engineer


Get to know Emilien, the Ÿnsecter who conducts experiments

After completing his scientific baccalaureate, Emilien completed an IUT in Biology with an Agronomy option, followed by a degree at UniLaSalle to become an Agronomy Engineer. Wanting to go deeper, he decided to complete a double degree with Wageningen University in the Netherlands, as part of a Master’s degree in Plant Sciences, specialized in Soil Science. During his last year, he joined Total for a 6-month internship during which he conducted research on soil carbon capture in the United Arab Emirates. Very sensitive to environmental issues, he wanted to work at Total “to discover what it’s like to work in a large group! It’s a challenge: to succeed in changing an industry. Working on one of the many solutions, it was a way for me to make a small contribution“. However, on the eve of the first lockdown back in March 2020, he turned to Ÿnsect. Emilien discovered the company during his studies thanks to two farmers who approached the students for advice on how to diversify their business. Along with 2 friends, Emilien decided to suggest a project centered around the insect: “we did a lot of research and that’s how I discovered Ÿnsect. I was following the company on social networks until the day I saw an offer and I jumped at the chance to apply“.

Every day, Emilien has a double responsibility. On one hand, he is in charge of the development of new products for plants and soils and conducting many experiments for this purpose; on the other hand, he supports the sales team by presenting the products, results of the trials and their potential to future customers. When it comes to success in his job, he says: “you have to be determined and not give up even when the results are inconclusive“; rigorous: “as a scientist, if you are not rigorous, it shows in the results“; and concise: “even if the results required four months of research, you have to be able to explain very simply to the clients so that they understand immediately“.

Having arrived the day before the first lockdown, Emilien was not able to see his colleagues every day. It is therefore unsurprising that he mentions the barbecue organized in July one of his best memories at Ÿnsect: “I finally had the opportunity to have chat with people and it was the moment I realized how much of a team we are“. And it is because of the freedom of these conversations that, among the company’s values, Emilien chooses authenticity as the most identifiable: “what really struck me at Ÿnsect is the freedom of each person to express themselves and give their opinion. I know that I am dealing with real people, not just colleagues“.