#Ÿnsecter – Portrait of Timothée Vialle Guérin, USP Manager at Ÿnsect


After 7 years in the luxury cosmetics industry and 3 years in the food sector, Timothée Vialle Guérin joined the Ÿnsecter family in 2020. This ICAM graduate has an engineering degree in industrial management and is now Ÿnsect’s breeding production manager. What convinced him to join the family? His encounter with Jean Gabriel Levon! But above all, the idea of creating the farm of the future.

“I am amazed by the merger between technology and science, at the service of sustainability“. This unique project, which does not exist anywhere else, fulfills his personal convictions by enabling him to work in a truly meaningful job.


What’s his job?  As a field manager, Timothée, brings deep operational experience and vision. From the design phase of the Amiens facility to its opening in 2022, he anticipates all risks in order to improve efficiency and productivity. When the site is ready, he will be in Amiens and work alongside the production teams and machines. Safety, Quality and Performance are Timothée’s key words. His objective is to support and develop the Ÿnsecters’ skills in the company’s new jobs at the future insect farm.


What qualities does he bring to this job? “A strong commitment to the mission is essential in the field and to set an example, to be available, to be able to see the big picture, but above all, to operate with a spirit of solidarity”. For him, the human aspect is essential “What I like about Ÿnsect is being able to learn from and work with all of the people who have tremendous expertise in their field. I’m a curious person and I love to learn with them. »


According to Timothée, in 10 years we will be eating more vegetables.  He believes that the animal sector will have to change considerably in the coming years, particularly with regard to the source of animal feed. “We will eat insect-fed animal proteins, that’s for sure ».