#Ynsecter – Get to Know Théo Costes, Data Engineer


Doing what has never been done before is the North Star that guides Theo every day. Our Data Engineer joined Ynsect because he is above all motivated by challenge and innovation. He dreamed of being an astronaut when he was a child, but today he wears many hats on a quest to find the perfect farm. After completing a preparatory class and graduating with an engineering degree from the Ecole Nationale des Arts et Métiers, he did several internships that led him to branch off into Business Intelligence and finally, to study a Master’s degree in Data Science and Business Analytics. Passionate about new technologies, he heard about Ynsect in 2020, when the company announced its raising fundraising and the construction of the world’s largest vertical farm. Without a second thought, he immediately applied to join the adventure.

On a daily basis, Théo works closely with the R&D department. According to them, Théo is in charge of conceptualizing all possible scenarios to imagine the best way to pilot our fully automated farms. It’s therefore no surprise that he chose “explorer” as the value he identifies the most with, as he paves new roads within of our new industry. For him, the most important quality for his job without a doubt is curiosity! Being in contact with different departments, exchanging with many people and learning new things are all the elements that make Théo a true explorer.

If Theo had to describe himself, he would say that he is a fun-loving people person. Passionate by nature, he gives 100% of himself to the projects that make him tick, and likes to involve people in his adventures. Thanks to him, data science is no longer an abstract topic for our Ynsecters!