#Ynsecter – Get to Know Florent Dupriez, Head of Health R&D


If he had to explain his job in simple terms, Florent would call himself an insect vet. More accurately, he is a researcher in entomopathology. He is dedicated to developing our know-how and methods of health risk control on our farms, working with cross-site employees to create processes that are both optimal for breeding and biosafety. Joining Ynsect in 2015, the decision was above all a gamble, since everything was still to be built. Florent had the pleasure of participating in all the key stages of Ynsect’s construction, from our first vertical farm in Dole and the largest in the world in Amiens, to the company’s internationalization and creation of new products.

Besides his position as Health R&D Manager, Florent is also Secretary of the CSE (Economic and Social Committee), involving him in the development of his colleagues in the workplace. He particularly enjoys the social aspect of his day-to-day work. According to Florent, the essential qualities to do his job are patience, perseverance and humility: traits that are very reminiscent of Ynsect’s values! To achieve your goals, it is important not to get discouraged, while remaining humble in the face of success, he says. Among the many hats he wears, Florent is also a trainer for Chrysalis, Ynsect’s trade school.

A teacher at his the core, Florent takes advantage of his free time to teach music in schools and conduct an orchestra. Among Ynsect’s values, it’s no surprise that this jack of all trades identifies the most with balance; a juggler of varied missions until the end!