#Ynsecter – Get to know Hélène Lefèvre, Insect Health Engineer


As a young woman, Hélène was confident that she wouldn’t work in research. Yet today, she works on the detection and prevention of diseases among our insects. So, things change! After studying at AgroParisTech, Hélène completed a Master’s degree in Microbiology and Biological Engineering. As part of her studies, she completed a student project on insect breeding which led her to meet Antoine Hubert, CEO and co-founder of Ynsect. After graduating, Hélène started looking for her first job and came across an offer… at Ynsect! Impressed by the coincidence and offer, she applied and quickly became part of the adventure.


Hélène is now an Insect Health Engineer; a self-proclaimed ‘insect vet’. She works on detecting and preventing diseases, setting up tests, researching what has already been done, compiling bibliographies… in short, Hélène is always on the move. And it’s the same in her private life! Equipped with her hiking boots and backpack, Hélène loves to spend her vacations exploring. So, it’s no surprise that she identifies with being an “explorer” among Ynsect’s values: discovery is what drives her!


For Hélène, when it comes to discovery, it’s all about curiosity: It is one of the essential qualities to do her job. Curiosity is the mother of discovery and innovative ideas, which are essential in research; she says that rigor and motivation are just as important. The thrill of receiving the results of her experiments is what this explorer of the living world loves most about her work.


In short, the child who did not want a career in research ended up giving way to a researcher, driven by a quest for innovation!