#Ÿnsecter – Thierry Dumbardon-Martial, Entomologist Engineer


Thierry first discovered insects while eating breakfast among the observation jars of his entomologist big brother. It was while eating his cereal that he became fond of this small world and decided to get to know the world of entomology. After studying biology, he began his career in the south of France. He first worked on the optimization of auxiliary breeding, i.e. insects that help to replace chemical products in agricultural crops, and then at the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRAE). Drawn into the world of insects and agriculture, Thierry caught wind of our amazing adventure and our vertical farms. He decided to try his luck when he saw an offer come up, and decided to join, as he puts it, our innovative and stimulating project.


Today, Thierry has been an entomologist engineer at the Dole site for 5 years. His day-to-day consists of sharing his expertise of insects with his colleagues to optimize our farming methods. And 5 years later, Thierry willingly admits: there is no place for boredom in a project like this, there are still so many things to learn! A percussionist in his spare time, this musician orchestrates between working on the field and on our technology, and building his reports to help his colleagues build a farm of the future: there’s no time for wrong notes!


Pedagogy is his daily life, and it’s also one of the essential qualities for his job. The melting pot of cultures, professions and plurality of his contacts contribute to his fulfillment and allow this passionate man to always find new things in his work, without his melody ever lacking inspiration!