#Ÿnsecter – Quentin Boistel, Senior AVEVA Application Manager


To explain his unusual job, Quentin often compares himself to a doctor monitoring his patients’ health. Except that he looks after machines! At 18, the former fireman and volunteer firemen swapped his blue uniform and helmet for a computer – an essential tool for the industrial IT engineer that he has become. Having studied automation and industrial IT, he worked in different companies before joining Ynsect. By chance, he came knocking at the company’s door. He saw a job ad and really identified with Ynsect’s environmental commitment and values. A few interviews later, Quentin has become a true Ynsecter.


Day to day, he is responsible for monitoring the health of the machines at the vertical farm in Amiens – the largest of its kind in the world. His work will enable the farm to function in perfect autonomy when it launches and will make the future operators’ lives easier. Naturally tenacious, he encourages his colleagues to push themselves and strive for more. Like a mosquito, an insect that Quentin identifies with, he always comes back to a problem and refuses to give up.  Precision, teamwork and communication are the three keys to success in his job.


What this fun-loving humanist likes most about his work is the interaction with a variety of people from diverse backgrounds. Between Paris and Amiens, he encounters a wide assortment of people to exchange ideas with and quench his thirst for knowledge. Solidarity, a key Ynsect value, is deep in his DNA.