#Ÿnsecter – Cyril Michel, Rearing Technician at Ÿnsect


Meet the Ÿnsecters! They are the ones who make our success, discover the talents and professions of Ÿnsect.

“In my team, we are explorers !”


In 2016 Cyril joined Ÿnsect as a rearing technician after graduating with a master’s degree in plant protection. He knows insects well, as he had previously worked with them but in a different field, that of allergens and insecticides.


Why Ÿnsect? He answered: “I had a choice between two positions: a project in the pesticide sector or a project in which insects have a positive role and are an integral part of the project. I chose the work that makes sense, with ecological values, particularly through the recovery of waste. »


Cyril Michel is in charge of improving the insect rearing cycle. To achieve this, he tests, experiments, draws up protocols and reports on analyses. According to him, to do his job, you have to be rigorous and organized, because his work requires a lot of data collection, based on certain physical conditions! This also requires a good amount of creativity to overcome problems that, at first, may seem unsolvable.


For Cyril, Ÿnsect is first and foremost an ambitious original project with an impact. What he likes about his job is the learning.”We always plan for things to go right. But that never happens! I’ve learned that when it goes wrong, it’s also right. It allows us to find new solutions. We are in a process of continuous improvement: making mistakes and facing obstacles allows us to look at the problem from a new angle and to keep inventing. »


His vision of the future of food? Cyril thinks it will take time to see insects on consumers’ plates. “I don’t think we’ll stop eating meat overnight but I think we’ll eat more responsibly and move to these sustainable food sources sooner than later.”