#Ynsecter – Portrait of Ikram Fatmi, Ÿnsite controller and corporate controller


Discover the portrait of Ikram, the Ynsecter in search of an ambitious project

Holder of a Master’s degree in Accounting and Auditing from the IAE in Dijon, Ikram first worked for six years as a Financial Auditor for PwC and then as a Management Controller for Socla, a world leader in anti-pollution protection, before joining Ÿnsect in April 2019. At first, Ikram was recruited for another position, but after six months, she was offered the position of Corporate Controller. Today, she holds the position of Ÿnsite Controller and Corporate Controller. Ikram joined Ÿnsect to « be part of the crazy, exciting adventure that is Ÿnsect ». Today, she describes her job as a cross-functional: « First, I am responsible for the quality, compliance and reliability of the figures provided by the accounting team, and I lead the budget process with the operational staff. But I also produce reports for management. »


It’s no surprise then, that among the qualities needed to do her job, she mentions a taste for numbers! But it is also essential to be able to adapt and connect the dots since she works with several teams. Passionate about teamwork, it is with these teams that she shares some of her best memories: « we always stick together, move forward and laugh a lot! ». Of all the values at Ÿnsect, Ikram finds herself most at home in adaptability and solidarity.


Today, Ikram is celebrating her second year as a Ÿnsecter. And she does not regret her choice: « At Ÿnsect, I found the innovative, pioneering and ambitious project I was looking for. And the great thing is that there’s never a dull moment, there’s no time for that ». When asked what she’d like to do in the future, Ikram laughs, « I’d like to add hours to the day! » Now Ikram is just waiting for the green light to include insects in her diet: “Larvae and potatoes” she muses.