Our fertilizer ŸnFrass shows good results on rapeseed, wheat and corn


Ÿnsect unveils the results of its insect-based fertilizer – ŸnFrass

For the same (NPK) nutrient content, the objective of field trials was to compare 5 conditions for each crop: 1) No input, 2) 100% mineral fertilizer, 3) 50% mineral fertilizer and 50% ŸnFrass, 4) 30% mineral fertilizer and 70% ŸnFrass and finally 5) 100% ŸnFrass input.
The tests showed a biomass and yield increase, which was in some cases significant, on all tested crops compared to that of a 100% mineral fertilizer:

– 300% increase in biomass before winter (due to nitrogen availability).
– At the ‘early flowering’ stage, biomass increase of 75% with a visible dose effect.
– In terms of yield, there is an increase of 20%

– 25% increase in the number of shoots.
– 40% increase in biomass.

– 70% increase in biomass at the 8-leaf stage.

In addition, apart from providing essential nutrition for crops, ŸnFrass appears to improve the biological properties of soil. Measured under greenhouse conditions, microbial activity showed a strong increase where ŸnFrass was present (+ 180% in loam-clay soil and + 250% in luvisol) compared to 100% mineral fertilizer. ŸnFrass could thus improve the mineralization of organic matter in soil and, therefore, the formation of the clay-humic complex.


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