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    The essence of Ÿnsect’s DNA is its reason of being. Ÿnsect’s goal is to “reinvent the food chain by offering, every day, to all consumers around the world, natural, healthy, tasty and sustainable food”.


    We are explorers, discoverers, doers. Ten years ago, we created a new agri-food industry, with the crazy idea of breeding and processing insects to contribute to the major challenges of our time: feeding the world’s population, preserving resources and biodiversity, and fighting global warming. Today, this insect market is no longer just an idea : it is our daily life. We are advancing together on virgin paths, unexplored lands and thus giving back to the insect the forgotten place that should always have been its, at the base of the food chain. Our responsibility is to ensure the safety from farm to fork: that of our employees, our products, our consumers of course, but also of our partners.

    We are pioneers, together we have defined our common values, those of Ÿnsect. Naturally, the environment is the very foundation of our actions, a prerequisite, our reason for being. We have found ourselves on the concrete and factual elements of balance, solidarity, adaptability and authenticity. These values determine us today, but we do not want them to remain fixed in order to always remain a driving force in the evolution of society. Being an explorer is our conception of the company, our state of mind.


    We are constantly looking for balance, our own, but also that of our environments and our stakeholders. We maintain speed and good timing, avoiding agitation and haste. We cultivate boldness and creativity, while remaining focused on execution and driven by a culture of results. We reconcile our ideals with the pragmatism necessary to carry out our activity and responsibilities. We always favor consensus and firmly reject any extreme ideology, any radical or dogmatic stance. Frugality is one of our foundations: always consume the right amount of food to participate in the future of the planet. We think big and we think far ahead, we share the ambition and the desire to become a globally recognized player, a leader, while remaining very modest, particularly in terms of our contribution to the huge environmental challenges: we are doing what we can and we count on partnership and the accumulation of forces. We are realistic scientists who are neither excessively optimistic nor excessively pessimistic.


    Like an anthill, we are a team composed of singular but complementary talents working towards a common goal. We are committed to working together, each in his or her expertise contributes to the strength and success of the shared project. We don’t have service providers but partners. Our successes are never individual but always collective, always the result of working in solidarity with our entire ecosphere. We respect the living and its constraints with patience and consideration. Every day, we work to reduce the impacts of our activity on our environments. We are committed ecologically, economically and socially.


    At Ÿnsect, we are constantly adapting to changing environments. We are agile, always in motion. We take risks, we test, we go back, we persevere, but always to move forward. We surpass ourselves, we innovate, we push our limits and those of science. We transform and transform ourselves. Our products and technologies continue to evolve to contribute to changes in consumption patterns and thus offer our customers and consumers around the world natural, responsible and sustainable alternatives in order to face up the challenges of today and tomorrow.


    We are authentic and sincere, women and men of different cultures, nationalities and histories, deeply rooted and invested in our mission, in what we believe in. We are aligned between our core beliefs, the challenges we face, our decisions and our activities. We speak with sincerity and commitment internally and externally to our customers, partners and suppliers. We know where we come from, who we are and where we are going. We recognize the right to make mistakes and remain humble in the face of our successes. We cultivate respect, exchange and listening, those of our ecosystems: customers, shareholders, employees, institutions, associations, service providers and neighbors. Our raison for being is coherence, sustainability is our DNA.