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    ŸnFrass™ Molitor premium fertilizer

    Plants need specific, natural nutrients to grow. Ÿnsect offers high-quality fertilizer made from insect castings, a nutritious solution for plants and sustainable soils.

    Petrochemical products are currently used in many fertilizer formulas to make plants grow, causing adverse impact on the environment and biodiversity.

    Ÿnsect offers an environmentally-friendly fertilizer alternative.  Insects are an essential part of natural soil biodiversity; their castings enrich our soils.  Ÿnsect fertilizer, ŸnFrass, is made of Molitor larvae castings.  Collected during the farming process, and free of additional processing, ŸnFrass is rich in organic matter and contains essential nutrients for plant growth and health.


    Discover ŸnFrass premium fertilizer

    Based on castings from Molitor larvae farmed and fed on cereal by-products in our Farm-hill

    Nutritional elements

    ŸnFrass is balanced in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

    Organic matter

    ŸnFrass has high organic matter content, well adapted for soil maintenance

    Optimized format

    ŸnFrass is dry, odorless, and easily transportable in powder or pellets form

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