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    Pets need healthy and balanced nutrition. Ÿnmeal and Ÿnoil provide sustainable premium nutrition for pets.

    Insects are present in the natural diet of wild cats and dogs (between 3% to 5% of a wild cat’s diet consists of insects). Pets need premium proteins and high quality fatty acids to keep them healthy. Ÿinsect products meet the nutritional needs of pets, in addition to being highly digestible and having a great palatability, which characterizes the taste pleasure associated with the texture of the ingredients. Compared to alternative vegetable protein sources for animal nutrition, insect products offer considerable environmental advantages: low greenhouse gas emissions, preservation of ocean biodiversity, and significant improvements in productivity related to land use. Insects are thus positioning themselves as a new natural, sustainable and responsible resource for feeding our pets.
    Our Ÿinsect products are suitable for the nutrition of conventional pets (dogs and cats) but also for the nutrition of New Pets (NPNs): rodents, birds, reptiles, etc.

    70%+ protein in ŸnMeal, powder extracted from Molitor larvae
    High digestibility for pets
    High palatability for pets

    Discover Ÿnsect's premium ŸnMeal™ and ŸnOil™

    Products derived from Molitor larvae, farmed and fed on cereal by-products at our Farm-hill.

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