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    For aquaculture

    Aquaculture plays a decisive role in human nutrition: more than pig, sheep, cattle or poultry farming, aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing animal production. Half of the fish consumed comes from aquaculture (FAO 2014) and this figure will continue to increase. Fishmeal, the main source of food for aquaculture fish, is a premium nutritional ingredient. However, it is facing an unprecedented crisis due to the decrease in fish stocks. The FAO predicts a drop in supply of 3 million tonnes by 2025, due to a four-fold increase in fishmeal prices over the last 15 years. The lack of sustainable solutions for aquaculture has a negative impact on prices and availability for consumers. Thus, our insects offer a premium alternative and are becoming an unavoidable resource.


    For pets

    Insects are a solution of choice for animal nutrition for several reasons. On one hand, insects are naturally part of the diet of animals, even pets. In fact, between 3% and 5% of a wild cat’s diet consists of insects. They provide important nutritional benefits thanks to their high content of proteins and polyunsaturated fatty acids. On another hand, if properly controlled and structured, insect rearing has a low environmental impact compared to other sources of protein for animal nutrition. Indeed, it enables low emissions of greenhouse gases, the preservation of ocean biodiversity, and significant improvements in productivity linked to land use. In this way, insects are becoming a new natural, sustainable and responsible resource to meet the challenges of nutrition in aquaculture farms and to feed our pets. 


    Pets need healthy and balanced nutrition. Therefore, they need proteins that meet their strict nutritional requirements and high-quality fatty acids to keep them healthy. Ÿnsect products meet these needs, are highly digestible and have a great taste sensation that characterises the taste pleasure associated with the texture of the ingredients. Our Ÿinsect products are suitable for the nutrition of pets (dogs and cats) but also for New Pets (NPN): rodents, birds, reptiles, etc. 




    Ÿnmeal is an ingredient naturally rich in highly digestible proteins (more than 70%). Formulated with Molitor larvae, and produced in powder form, Ÿnmeal is perfectly suitable for the nutrition of farmed fish and shellfish. It is used at a level of 5 to 30% in the formulation of nutritional rations.



    Ÿnoil is a light oil, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, extracted by a mechanical process from Molitor larvae. Ÿnoil is perfectly adapted to the diet of farmed fish and shellfish.