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    Ÿnsect aquaculture premium products

    Ÿnmeal and Ÿnoil provide sustainable premium nutrition for aquaculture.

    Aquaculture plays a decisive role in human nutrition : more than pig, sheep, cattle or poultry farming, aquaculture is the fastest growing animal production worldwide. Already half of the fish consumed comes from aquaculture (FAO 2014) and this figure will continue to increase. Fishmeal, the primary source of food for aquaculture fish, is a premium nutritional ingredient in crisis, given the decline in fish stocks. After a four-fold increase in fishmeal prices over the last 15 years, the FAO forecasts a drop in supply of 3 millions tonnes by 2025. The lack of sustainable solutions for aquaculture negatively impacts prices and availability for consumers. Our insects offer a premium alternative and are becoming an unavoidable resource.

    Insects are indeed naturally present in the diet of wild fish and crustaceans and provide important nutritional benefits due to their high protein and polyunsaturated fatty acid content. Finally, if properly controlled and structured, insect farming has a low environmental impact : low greenhouse gas emissions, preservation of ocean biodiversity, and significant improvements in productivity linked to land use. Insects are thus positioning themselves as a new natural, sustainable and responsible resource to meet the nutritional challenges of aquaculture farms.


    52% increase animal proteins consumption between 2007 and 2030
    3x increase in fish meal price over 10 years
    40% proportion of insects in certain wild trout species’ diet

    Discover Ÿnsect's premium ŸnMeal™ and ŸnOil™

    Products derived from Molitor, farmed and fed on cereal by-products at our Farm-hill.

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    Ÿnoil : premium oil of Molitor

    Ÿnoil is a light oil, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, extracted by a mechanical process from Molitor larvae. Ÿnoil is perfectly adapted to the diet of farmed fish and shellfish.

    Ÿnmeal: premium proteins from Molitor
    Ÿnmeal is an ingredient naturally rich in highly digestible proteins (more than 70%). Formulated with Molitor larvae, and produced in powder form, Ÿnmeal is perfectly suitable for the nutrition of farmed fish and shellfish. It is used at a level of 5 to 30% in the formulation of nutritional rations.

    Discover our studies

    Our studies

    The technological performance of Ÿnsect products are scientifically tested and proven. Our R&D is dedicated to the continuous improvement of health, growth and survival rate with our partners. These studies, carried out by renowned independent organizations, focus on the added value of Ÿnsect products.


    Ÿnmeal Premium: improved performance at SHRIMP

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    Ÿnmeal Premium: improved performance at the TROUT

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