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    Ÿnsect employees embody the company’s HR policy and are the best ambassadors of our reason for being:

    “Reinventing the food chain by offering natural, healthy, tasty and sustainable food every day to consumers around the world.”

    Ÿnsect’s values are those of our employees, and we meet regularly to refine and redefine them, thereby always strengthening the essential link between what we are and what we do. These shared values are : Explorer, Balance, Adaptability, Authenticity and Solidarity.

    Our employees are the heart of our company, which is why we develop a daily HR policy linked with our values and society’s expectations :


    • In 2021, our professional equality index for men and women is 92/100
    • Implementation of an equal paternity leave with maternity leave of 10 weeks, entirely financed by the company.
    • Ÿnvest, Employee shareholding program
    • A continuing education program
    • A telework charter

    Do you want to help change the world ? Join the Ÿnsect team. Become a Ÿnsecter !

    Raising insects on a large scale has never been done before. Our mission requires innovation and inventiveness. We offer exciting challenges, the opportunity to work on new products, pioneering applications and processes, and the chance to work with exceptional teams who are at the forefront of a revolutionary new industry: large-scale insect breeding.

    Do you want to learn and contribute to the great challenges of our time ?  Join us and help us put the insect back in the place it has always been : at the base of the food chain.

    Within Ÿnsect, you are evolving in a very strong multicultural context: more than 10 nationalities are represented among our Ÿinsecters. Thus, two languages coexist on a daily basis : English and French.

    At Ÿnsect, you will fully contribute to the results and the take-off of this new and promising sector. Join us !