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    In partnership with renowned institutes, Ÿnsect has devoted 4 years of research to the development of its natural fertilizer Ÿnfrass and the study of its impact on crops and soils. The results of field and greenhouse trials carried out with project partners are particularly satisfactory. In fact, these tests show a sometimes very significant increase in biomass and yield for all the crops tested compared to the use of 100% chemical fertilizers. In addition, while ensuring the supply of essential elements for the crops, Ÿnfrass improves the biological properties of the soils. Measured in greenhouses, microbial activity increases strongly in the presence of Ÿnfrass (+180% on a silty-clay soil and +250% on a luvisol) compared to a soil fertilized with a mineral fertilizer. As a result, Ÿnfrass participates in the mineralization of organic matter and improves soil texture.


    After a first conclusive test on field crops such as wheat, rapeseed and maize in 2018, ŸnFrass has been tested on other types of crops where the product has also shown performance in terms of yield :

    • In market gardening where the test results are very encouraging, especially on lettuce and potatoes, both in terms of performance and plant health.
    • On the vines where an increase in yield of 23% and a better soil quality compared to the control without fertilization was noted. The use of ŸnFrass also allows to observe an excellent balance of nutrients in the petioles indicating an optimal nutrition favourable to the quality of the wine.
    • On ornamental plants, especially roses, where there is a clear improvement in flowering and better resistance to summer drought compared to an organic fertilizer with an equivalent nutrient content.


    Ÿnsect is the first company in the world to have obtained marketing approval for a natural insect-based fertilizer.