#Ynsecter – Timothée Bastidon, Demand Planning Manager


If we had to describe Timothée in one word, there is no doubt that we would say that he is relentless. His performance at the last Paris Marathon is proof: 2h32 to finish the 42km race. An exceptional time for this inflexible runner, always ready to surpass himself. Throughout his young career, he has always had this energy and desire to surpass himself. After a preparatory math class and an engineering school, he first worked in Supply Chain planning. Then, driven by a taste for adventure and risk, he joined Bouygues Construction and flew to Turkmenistan for a one-year assignment as a Concrete Logistics Manager. There, he experienced a real culture shock that made him question his work and find a meaning to it.

It is this quest for meaning that guides him to Ynsect, which he joined in 2022 as a Demand Planner Manager. On a daily basis, Timothée is responsible for consolidating customer demand and checking our production capacities to meet this demand. He is in touch with field teams and is able to transcribe this reality as well as possible. To do his job, curiosity, overview and fairness are essential: making a complex subject clear and easy to understand to facilitate decision-making is his leitmotiv.

According to him, Ynsect is synonym with future, ecology and conviviality. These are all subjects that matter for his personal development in the company. And because he doesn’t do things by halves, he started his own Tenebrio farm at home for the greatest pleasure of his relatives. It is not a surprise if among the values of Ynsect, he chooses tenacity: it sums him up well!

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