#Ynsecter – Get to know Manon Demougeot, Automation Apprentice


“The whole world is a cactus […] in life, there are only cactuses” sang Jacques Dutronc – a French singer – in the early 2000s. These lyrics ring especially true for Manon, who used to dream of selling cactuses, a plant whose vibrant scent enchanted her. This spiciness is also reminiscent of Manon’s character, who despite her young age, has already had many exciting adventures. She began studying business after she graduated high school, which she ended up delaying to spend two years in England, eager to travel. As an au pair, she had many professional experiences, one of which led her to automation. Upon her return to France, she continued to pursue this path by completing a technical diploma, followed by a degree in automation and robotics.


As a Master’s student in automation and food processing, Manon needed to find a work-study program that would allow her to combine these two fields. While browsing through the offers, she came across a job offer from Ynsect that ticked all the boxes; a few weeks later, Manon signed her contract as an automation apprentice! Day to day, she is in charge of drawing up the specifications for our farms’ automation processes. She meets with the teams on the ground, and exchanges with suppliers and the different departments. It’s the autonomy and diverse exchanges that she really enjoys in her day-to-day.


Very adventurous, it’s no surprise that Manon chose explorer as the value she identifies with the most at Ynsect. This eternally curious person never tires of learning and persevering, overcoming all obstacles with determination. Prickly as a cactus but as light as a butterfly, the insect she most identifies with, Manon is always smiling and described by her colleagues as a ray of sunshine in the office!


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