#Ynsecter – Get To Know Grégory Rimsky-Korsakoff, Risk & Project Director


It was above all his deep convictions regarding climate issues that drove this father-to-be to join Ynsect. In February 2020, Grégory joined the Ynsect adventure to participate in the construction of a young, innovative and environmentally-friendly project. After his studies, he first worked in a company, then as a teacher, before embarking on a consulting career. This last career choice led him to Ynsect, hired first as a consultant before becoming an official employee. Today, Grégory is one of the driving forces behind Ynsect’s organization: he implements tools to help and support managers in standardizing their processes, and assists them in identifying and preventing potential risks. Somewhat of a professional butterfly, Grégory switches between working on the company’s high-level projects and helping other employees.

Adaptability is the key word in Grégory’s work. From Management to Operations, R&D to Marketing, he works as closely as possible with various teams and optimizes the projects’ organization for the people working on them. Thus, if there is one quality that is essential for him, it is good communication. This last point echoes one of Grégory’s passions: French Literature. A poetry enthusiast, he has made a point of learning a poem that resonates with each of his emotions.
As someone with a lot of energy and passion, Grégory was not mistaken in joining the company. Stimulating, people-focused and sustainable are the adjectives he uses to talk about Ynsect, words that echo his own personality. There’s no doubt that Grégory is right at home at Ynsect!

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