#Ÿnsecter – Amandine Bonnotte, Technical Service Manager


Get to know Amandine, the Ynsecter spreading her wings

Since her arrival at Ynsect in 2015, Amandine has seized many opportunities to evolve and progress within the company. During an internship in quality control, her mentor praised her natural talents in the domain, and so she continued her studies in the food industry until she realized her childhood dream: helping to produce the famous Danettes. She worked in various food companies, always in product development, before one of her friends told her about Jean-Gabriel and his astonishing company: “she told me about his insect farm, and I saw the opportunity to do something new and innovative, in a field that I was understanding more and more”. While her first application ended in the recruitment of someone else, Amandine joined the Ynsecters in 2015 as Operations Manager. Over the years, she participated in the creation of the processing line at the Dole farm: her best memory within the company. After 5 years, she seized an opportunity to evolve. From Operations Manager, she was promoted to Technical Services Manager: “I am the technical support for internal and external requests. The business aspect with customers is quite new for me, but in the end it’s very logical”.


For Amandine, in order to do her job well, the essential qualities are:
listening, because I’m in contact with many different people; discipline, since it is a cross-functional position with a managerial element, and adaptability! Of course, you have to know how to structure things, but it’s also essential to know how to ease off on the pressure and be flexible“. On a daily basis, what Amandine likes best is the contact with others – her colleagues but also clients – and the constant learning process. “When I joined Ynsect, I was pretty much alone – I recruited my entire team! Today, I work with R&D, marketing, our suppliers and Dutch colleagues. This cross-functionality is a big, but positive, change for me.”


Authenticity is the value that Amandine cites as the important within Ynsect: “Whether in my personal or professional life, I do everything with a lot of heart. If you’re not genuine, I think it’s complicated to do your job well.” She ends on a fond memory: “even though I’ve changed jobs, I’m lucky enough to have kept the great relationships I had with my previous colleagues! Even though they like to tease me, they are the first to offer support and ask about my adventures“.

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