#Ÿnsecter – Sybill Weller, Internal Communication Project Manager


Get to know Sybill, from Human Resources to Communications

Sybill is the definition of a people person and has always enjoyed interacting with and caring for others: “since I was young, I loved listening to others, learning from their experiences, and understanding why they think the way they do“. This innate empathy guided her in her studies. After graduating from high school, she completed a DUT in Marketing Techniques which led her to carry out group projects in different areas. Afterwards, she flew to Bristol to spend six months learning English and immersing herself in English culture. Upon her return, she completed a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Economic and Social Administration, which led her to specialize in Human Resources. “I like being in constant contact with people from different backgrounds, and the HR profession allowed me to do just that“. Looking for an internship as part of her degree, she came across an offer from Ÿnsect: “I was so interested in the company that I applied 3 or 4 times!“. She finally landed the internship in 2018, and was hired immediately after as HR Project Manager.


After three years in Human Resources, Sybill decided to apply for a position that was opening up in the Communications team:
I have always been interested in the communications sector. The offer came at a time when I was looking for an evolution and I saw it as an opportunity to make the move“. Sybill is now Internal Communication Project Manager at Ynsect. Day to day, she organizes the company’s internal events, and runs the internal social network strategy. She also works with different departments to help them develop their content: “It was important to me to maintain the link I had with employees as HR officer. Internal communication allows me to do this, while still helping out with their needs.


For her, the qualities essential to her new job are: “creativity! I have to be innovative in this job, I am constantly mentally stimulated and this allows me to get creative! You also have to be a good listener to meet everyone’s needs and, of course, you need to be on the ball regarding content and project follow-ups“. Sybill views starting this new position while staying in the same company as an opportunity: “I can’t see myself working anywhere else but at Ÿnsect. My new position allows me to keep my HR vision while thinking differently and confronting to new challenges“. Adaptability is therefore the value that best suits Sybill among the company’s values: “Ÿnsect evolves quickly! We have to keep reinventing ourselves to keep up with the pace and the level of innovation“.

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