#Ÿnsecter – Pablo Pena Abellan, Business Development Manager


Get to know Pablo, the musician who drums to the beat of insects

When asked about his education and training, he smiles: “in business, I have none! I have always been better learning on the job rather than in school“. He kicked off his studies with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, Food Science, followed by a Master’s degree in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition at Dublin University. He launched his career at the startup Jimmy Joy as New Product Designer, before evolving to Business Development: “After a while, I saw that there were opportunities within the company. I went to see my manager and suggested that I focus on the company’s business development. He gave me a chance and that’s how it all started“. He then moved to a smaller e-commerce company, Fitshe, which required him to be very versatile: “I had to multitask from the moment the customer made an order on the website. It was very challenging“. Afterwards, he joined the startup Forte Foods, picking up where he left off in business development. After four years, he decided it was time to embark on a new adventure and challenge: “That’s when I saw the offer! I didn’t hesitate for a second to apply“.


Above all else, Pablo joined Ynsect Human Nutrition & Health to align his career with his values:
in my previous job, ecology and sustainability were secondary, and this did not suit me. In my daily life, I try to do what I can to act sustainably: I limit my consumption of fast fashion and meat, I pay attention to my energy consumption, etc. Working for this company was an opportunity to align my skills and convictions“.  As Business Development Manager, Pablo works on finding new partners and markets for our human food ingredients. “I may have only joined the company recently, but I am deeply proud of what I do“. This music lover’s vision is simple: being in agreement and proud of what you do is key. “Authenticity is very important to the group: everyone is free to be who they want, express themselves, and debate. This is a strength that must be encouraged“. Naturally, it is this value of Ynsect that he identifies with the most.


In his opinion, to be a good Business Development Manager, soft skills are essential: “It is essential to be empathetic and know how to listen to people. You also have to be proactive, especially in this field, since you are creating something new from scratch. I would say that independence also has its place. You have to be able to look to the future and for ways to achieve your goals without waiting for someone to tell you what to do. You have to make decisions and constantly innovate!” It is this creative energy that pushes him forward: “that’s what I like most about my work: the ability to reinvent myself every day, talk with new people all the time, and improvise. We work to the beat of our own drum”.